vrijdag 13 juli 2012


Playing with the LEGO is so much fun, but these little pieces are always spread out over the floor ;-( And my feet don't like them, it really hurts...

We definitely need a play-carpet!!!!
How do we start??? 

I came across some boxes full of baby clothes from my angels ;-)

That would be nice : A PLAY-CARPET FULL OF MEMORIES!!!!!!

I got the crazy idea to make the play-carpet out of those tiny little baby-clothes. This must have been the way patchwork was invented.

photo 1: cut all the clothes in the same rectangular shape

And believe me, it broke my heart cutting their baby-clothes, but one day, when this project is finished, they 'll enjoy their old clothes again, in another way ;-)

photo 2: first put them in a nice order and then sew them all together

Unfortunately, I have the same problem as probably everyone of you, and that is a lack of TIME. So one day this project will be finished!!!

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