dinsdag 4 september 2012

cover notebook


Beginning of a new school year. And even in kindergarten you need bookcovers these days. One for a "songbook" and one for the " parent/teacher notebook". I had the crazy idea to make these bookcovers out of FELT...

The only things you need : felt, needle, thread, ribbon and a button. 

 2x felt A4 format  and 1x felt in a different colour 1/2 A4 format

a nice ribbon to sew along the edges of the 1/2 A4

cut out the corners (so you can easily fold it on the inside),
and sew or glue the name

on the inside: sew all the lose ends (ribbon and cover)

this is the cover of the "songbook" 

this is the cover of the parent/teacher notebook 

with on the inside a bookmark 

I hope you all enjoy making this bookcover !!!!!!

Thanks for reading

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