donderdag 28 juni 2012


What to give the teacher and the kids from school when your daughters 4th birthday is coming up?

We made delicious muffins. But I wanted to give something personal to take along. So I looked in my recycle boxes... and I found:

Two old jerseys a bleu and a brown one, an old jeans and an old shirt.

Make a mold, and copy it on the inside of the jersey's. Cut it, sew it. And leave a little hole, where you can turn it inside out. Then stuff it, and stitch the little whole. Cross stitch the eyes, nose and mouth.
You can personalize it the way you want. I put the first letter of every kid's name on the belly, and put a name card on the side.

I used an old bleu jersey to make nice personalized bears for the girls,and an old brown jersey for the boys.

For the teacher I made a nice bag from an old jeans!!! And to take it to school I put all the bears in the bag.
To personalize the bag I put the teacher her name on one side of the bag with a few flowers.
and on the other side I put all the names of her pupils.

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