zondag 11 augustus 2013


A variation of  "A HAIR CLIP ORGANIZER" (see page SEWING)

1)  What do you need?

a thicker fabric as basis (49 cm x 32 cm)
 A strip of another cotton fabric (137 cm x 8cm)
 2 shorter strips in the same cotton fabric (34 cm x 8 cm)
 6 squares ( 10cm x 10cm)
6 strips (25cmx10cm)
 4 biais strips to sew around the basis

2) How to start?
- first make the strips (see page SEWING "A HAIR CLIP ORGANIZER")
 - put the long strip on 2cm of the left side and the other end of the strip on 2 cm of the right side
 - put the short strip 11 cm further and the second short strip another 11cm further
 - Pin the strips and then sew the biais on the bottom of the basis
 - pin the short strips also on top of the basis and perform the first step of sewing the biais
 - then pin the long strip on both sides on top of the basis
 - now perform the second step of sewing the biais
 - then sew the biais on the right and the left side of the basis

3) the little bags:

I made different bags then in the other example.
 6 squares ( 10cm x 10cm)
6 strips (25cmx10cm)
- iron the seams of 1 cm of the squares and sew the top seam
- iron the seams of 1 cm of the long strip, then fold the long strips in half
- put the square on top of the long strip an sew along the edges

 - make in each bag a buttonhole
 - then sew all the bags with an embroidery stitch on the basis

 - then sew the buttons on the little bags
 - organize the hair clips and hair rubbers per color
 - fold the left side to the right for 1/3, sew press-studs on the right side on top and bottom (sew second part of the press-studs on the other side now)
 - fold the right side to the left side and close the press-studs
 - sew the other 2 press-studs in all the corners
 - fold it together and close the press-studs

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