maandag 19 augustus 2013



The first assignment of every school year is always the same... "Please, cover your preschoolers notebook and music book".
So this year I started a little bit earlier to make a nice and special cover.

First I took the measurements and cut it out the covers of some old kids magazines. This I will put in the selfmade covers, to give it some strength.
Then I had a look in my wardrobe and found some old clothes.
I will use the pants of my pregnancy pajamas for Roos her covers and another old pregnancy pants and an old baby shirt for Stan his cover. So it will be a little recycling project... Here we go!!!!

First I cut my sons name out of the old baby shirt.
On the backside of the letters I iron some vlieseline to make it stronger and to prevent unraveling. 
 For my daughters name I'll use flock foil
The rectangular I cut out of the fabric (pants) has the following measurements:
- twice the length of the notebook, and
- the width of the notebook added by 3 cm.

I iron also vlieseline on this for the same reason as mentioned above.
 First I hem the short sides

Then I sew the name, pocket, embroidery or iron the flock foil,...
For the next step I flip both sides around the notebook to the middle (wrong side out and the good side in). Pin the top and bottom (long sides) around the notebook (approximately at 1 cm of the border on top and at the bottom). Then take the notebook out and sew the long sides top and bottom.

This is the result:

The front
 The inside

 The back

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