woensdag 20 maart 2013



Ohh, time flies... My son is old enough now to go to kindergarten. So I started looking for some nice ideas for his farewell gift for all his friends in daycare ;-)

It had to be easy, quick and cheap to make. Because I had to make 35 of them ;-)

I found what I looked for on http://Josoandsew.wordpress.com, a nice tutorial for knitted bunnies.

1) first knit a square.
    - for the little one I took 30 stitches
    - for the big one I took 50 stitches

2)  - sew a triangle from the middle to the top and back. Pull the thread. This way you have the ears and the head. Stuff the head.
     - then sew the back, stuff it, and finish the tail.

3) instead of a pompon for the tail, I made a label. On the label I wrote the name of his friend and on the other side I wrote my son's name.

4) Between the ears I made a ribbon with a key ring 

5) I put a little bag, with some candies, around the key ring

6) Here they are, all of them together, to hand them out to the kids in daycare ;-)  

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