donderdag 14 februari 2013



* The basis
- use a strong and thick fabric for the basis, size 48 cm x 35 cm (grey in this picture) 
- sew a biais along the edges of the basis 

* The ribbons

- use a bright colored fabric to cut 2 rectangles, size 75cm x 7 cm (seams included)
- iron the seams (1cm at each side) from each rectangle to the inside
- fold one end on the other and iron 
- sew 1mm along all the edges
- do the same with the other one
- lay one ribbon at the left side of the basis (next to the biais) and one on the right side. Sew across the bottom of the ribbon (forward, backward, forward) and sew once more across the ribbon on top of the basis (forward, backward, forward).
- attach the ends of both the ribbons ( I attached them with two push buttons)

* The little bags

- Now we make 6 little bags for the hair-rubbers
- Cut 6 times 18 cm x 11 cm, and 6 times 18 cm x 8 cm
- put the smallest rectangle on top of the bigger one
- iron the seams (1cm) to the inside
- first we make the casing: fold the top, the single fabric, on the double fabric, iron it and sew it
- then put the other ends together and sew on 1mm along the edges (but leave the openings of the casing open)
- put a cord through the casing

- attach the little bags onto the basis with push buttons

* What to do with the diadems
- make another ribbon, cut a rectangle of size 35 cm x 7 cm
- follow the same steps as above to make the ribbon
- then put the ribbon in the middle of the basis and sew across the top of the ribbon (forward, backward, forward)
- leave some space (around 1 à 2 cm) and sew again across the ribbon and continue this process till the end of the ribbon. 
- through these openings you can put the diadems

The inside is finished now!!!!!

 - little bags for the hair rubbers and hair ribbons
 -2 ribbons to organize the hairpins
- and finally we created a few openings in the middle to organize the diadems, bracelets,...

* Now we make out of all this a nice and little handbag!!!!   
- fold the left side to the inside, and be aware to leave enough space for the diadem
- attach both the corners ( top and bottom) with a push button
- then fold the right side on top and attach both the corners as well with a push button

- and to finish the bag, fold the bottom upwards to the top and attach once more both the corners with a push button.

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