vrijdag 2 november 2012


It's getting cold again!!! A draught stopper would be the perfect solution to stop winter entering our home;-) 
I looked in my recycle boxes to find the right shaped article of clothing. I found a long, woolen jumper/dress.
Make a pattern with the right measurements of the door width.  I used 34 x 94 cm.
Pin the pattern on the jumper/dress and be sure that you cut the two layers.

Keep the sleeves, and stuff them with old, worn socks etc. Later on we'll put those stuffed sausages into the draught stopper.
You 'll need an extra couple of sleeves to fill the whole draught stopper. I stuffed 4 sleeves.
Sew the ends of the sleeves
Cut 2 circles with the same perimeter as the width of your pattern (34 cm in this case). Sew all the ends including the circles, and make sure you stopple all the edges, so they won't unravel.
In the middle of the draught stopper I put some press buttons.

This way you can open and close the draught stopper to put the stuffed sleeves in and out. This way you can easily wash the cover  ;-)

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